Flagstaff Home and Garden Show 2010

The Flagstaff Home and Garden Show (March 26, 27, 28) is history!  Thanks to the hard work and efforts of many people our public information display booth was a rousing success.  Thirty-three people put their names down on the sign-up sheets, expressing interest in learning more about amateur radio, licensing classes and testing.  Nobody who stopped by the booth to talk walked away without a better understanding of what amateur radio is and the vital role we play in the community.   It was amazing how many people we talked to either had no idea of what amateur radio is or does, or equated us with Citizen's Band (CB) Radio.  This was a great opportunity to expand knowledge and awareness of amateur radio and we certainly did just that.  Unfortunately, because of the construction of the dome, lots of HF interference, and the fact that the Home Show weekend was also a DX contest weekend, conditions were significantly  less than optimal for giving visitors a chance to talk on the HF bands.  This, in spite of the "stealth" antenna, "surreptitiously" draped three stories above the display tables. VHF worked well though and several folks took advantage of the opportunity to "get on the air" albeit briefly.  The hit of the display for many of the kids stopping by the booth were the code keys and oscillators, provided by Joe, W7LUX, and the opportunity to "send" their names in Morse Code.  The smiles on their faces as they walked away from the booth said it all.  Many thanks to the long hours and hard work contributed by club members to not only make this event happen but also make it as successful as it was.  Many thanks to Kay, KF7BRV and Erv, KE7QFI (the Perlstein's) who participated in set up and tear down on Thursday and Sunday.  Commendations go out to Scott, KE7BIT, and his wife Amy, Joe, W7LUX and Mike, KF7BRW who were there for setup and tear down and spent all three days at the show volunteering their services.  Thanks as well to Pat, KE7QFG and AL, KF7HSD (the Trabers) who showed up on Sunday to lend a hand.  Special thanks to Bob Wertz, NF7E, of the Northern Arizona DX Association who provided us with brochures and display materials for the booth. Finally a great big thank you to Gerry Blair of the Coconino County Sheriff's Office, for allowing us to share their space at the Flagstaff Home and garden Show.

Aerial view of display (Blue tables) and anchor point for infamous "stealth" antenna. (*)

Scott, KE7BIT, ready to get on the air. (*)

Mike, KF7BRW and Scott, KE7BIT educating passers by at the Home Show. (*)
Joe, W7LUX explaining the "long and short" of Morse Code to some very attentive youngsters. (**)
A future CWer? (**)

Joe, W7LUX has a whole family hanging on his every word. (**)

Amy, Scott, KE7BIT and Joe, W7LUX talking things over. (**)

Joe, W7LUX explaining APRS to an interested passer-by. (**)

Kay Perelstein, KF7BRV peeking over from the Red Cross table to say hello. (**)

  * Photo provided courtesy of Joe Hobart, W7LUX and remains exclusive property of photographer. May not be reproduced without prior permission.
** Photo provided courtesy of Mike Blair, KF7BRW and remains exclusive property of Photographer. May not be reproduced without prior permission.