Flagstaff to Grand Canyon 100 Mile and 55K Runs - September 26, 2015

Thank you to all who helped with this year's Flagstaff to Grand Canyon Stagecoach Line 100 Mile Race.
It was a great success!
A very special thanks to Bill Smith who did a suburb job in organizing CARC's support for the event.
Also, a very special thanks to Joe Hobart and Janice Enloe who did a spectacular job as net control for the full 30 hours of the race.
The race organizer was especially pleased with the support given by our volunteer organization, recognizing that the event wouldn't be possible without the contributions of numerous volunteer groups.

Our participants were:
Bill Smith
Joe Hobart
Janice Enloe
Pat and Al Traber
Phil and Bobbi Brunner
Ron and Betty Gerlak
Bill and Mary Lou Hagan
Jody Packard
Mike Clever
Ken Held
David Schaubert
Jason Bennett
Chad Eastman
Bob and Dinah Gilette
Bob and Sandy Meadowcroft

Sandy KF4JHC

Flagstaff to Grand Canyon 100 mile and 55 Km Runs
Saturday, 26 November 2015

Bill Williams Repeater: 146.780 MHz minus 91.5 Tone
Mount Elden Repeater : 146.980 MHz minus 162.2 Tone
75 meter SSB : 3990 KHz LSB
40 meter SSB : 7252 KHz LSB

We helped make the runs safe.

Photos to be supplied!

Some Kelly Tank Photos