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With the PmWiki implementation, it is possible to insert an image or link either directly using your Browser or by using FTP access.

Browser method

To insert a .jpg file (e.g. sample.jpg), type Attach:sample.jpg into the the page in edit mode and Save.

Click on the   sample.jpgΔ   resulting link and follow directions. -- Password: cocowikiupload (currently disabled)

After you select the desired file on your computer, hit Upload and the file will be uploaded to the "uploads" directory
in the Wiki, renamed "sample.jpg" and referenced automatically!

FTP method

You can upload and download data using password-protected Ftp Client access to as follows:

Host: -- User: -- Password: cocouploads7

Referencing data in uploads directory

You can then reference the uploaded data (e.g. LAMPinstall.txt) with: Attach:LAMPinstall.txt or

 Attach:LAMPinstall.txt Δ or

If it's an image (.jpg, .gif, .png) named php32.gif, you can display it with, e.g.: Attach:php32.gif

Or you can provide a link to display the image when clicked with, e.g.: [[]]

Sorry this is so complicated! Please let me know if you want me to upload/reference data for you - email

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Page last modified on March 03, 2015, at 08:17 AM